Made in Korea Products 

From Product/Manufacturer Selection

To Formula/Document making

SISOCOSMETIC is a cosmetics manufacturing full-service provider based in Seoul. We are a factory-free company who provide ideas, suitable product, design, formula, packaging, manufacturing, a whole customized service to make great quality products made in South Korea. 


Hair products: Shampoo, Serum, Mask, Oil, Scalp care

Nail: Semi-cured gel nail stricker, Nail Remover, Nail care product

Make up: Lip products, face makeup, coloring products

Skin Care: Serum, Mask sheet, Toner, Cream, UV products 

 Perfumed Products: Body products, Home care products

We propose to the buyer the exact product in need

We take care from the formula to the ideal packaging

We give K-beauty trendy product list every year

We find the manufacturer with expertise of the product

We work with regulation experts in EU and US